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Hello and welcome to
RawR is an outlet for the  RP community on the Wiccana server for those RPers and
RP guilds that may not have enough members to field a full raid.
The main purpose
of RawR is to have fun while seriously exploring and defeating Age of Conan's end game
raid content. The secondary purpose is to seriously have fun while exploring Age of
Conan's end game raid content. We are dedicated to the progression and defeat of all
end game raids that this awesome game has to offer.

If you feel like you can be a serious raider at least once a week for 4—5 hours, this may
be for you. Please fill out an application.


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Keeper/Hollow Knight Downed!

Coyote23, Mar 4, 12 8:24 PM.
It has taken us a while to recover from the events of this past Christmas, and the exodus of people to SwToR... but we have been building up steadily, and last night... 03/03/2012 we managed to get the 6th boss encounter in Thoth-Amons Stronghold down. It was the Polearm HoX form, but even though one of the easier forms of the encounter, I have no doubts that this boss will be on farm status in the very near future! Lets continue our march to see Thoth-Amon die!!!  Keep up the good work everyone! I am very proud of everyones progress!

Thank you All

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Coyote23, Oct 19, 11 1:57 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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